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Universal Studios VIP Tour to Feel Like a Hollywood Celebrity

Universal Studios VIP Tour to Feel Like a Hollywood Celebrity

Gone are the days when VIP tours at Disney and Universal theme parks were available only for select guests like celebs and public figures. Now you don’t need to be a star to receive special treatment at Universal Studios Orlando. Anyone can opt for Universal Studios VIP tour but is it worth it?

If you haven’t taken the VIP guided tour at Universal Studios before, it is natural to be skeptical. So, what additional facilities will you get and how can the VIP pass enrich your experience? Here’s your detailed guide to the VIP tour Universal Studios.

What is Universal Studios VIP Tour?

Whether you’re visiting alone or with your family/friends, the Universal Studios VIP Tour can be a game-changer. Even if you aren’t an eminent person, in Universal Studios, you can feel like an important personality for a day.

That’s the magic of the VIP tour which does more than giving you direct access to the rides. Long before your visit to the theme park, you will be pampered like a special visitor.

The personalized attention that you get will begin the moment you make your reservation. Once you are there, you will enjoy awesome privileges and an expert will escort you to the attractions and rides.

Complimentary lounge access, valet parking, and exclusive dining are some of the many perks of being a VIP guest. Intrigued to know all about it before you proceed with the booking from the official website of Universal Studios? Then scroll down to have a clear idea about the Universal Studios VIP Tour and its benefits.

Types of VIP Tours at Universal Studios

At present, guests at Universal Studios can choose one of these two VIP tours: private and nonexclusive. How are these two different and which one is more advantageous? Let’s find out!

Nonexclusive VIP tour

A nonexclusive tour means they will team you and your party with other guests. The maximum number of people in this group will be 12. When it comes to choosing the people, you’ll be paired with, you will be at your guide’s mercy.

It will be better if you share your interests with your guide immediately after arrival. For instance, if yours is a group of adventurous adults, you should spend the day with like-minded individuals. It can be inconvenient if you are matched with couples who have small children. So, get this sorted before the group is all set to make the most of the day.

The tour will commence at 11 AM and a guide will be there with you the whole time. You will be expedited to at least 8 attractions on your non-exclusive tour. This can take 5-7 hours as you’ll also have food and take breaks in between.

Private VIP tour

Unlike the nonexclusive tour, the private tour allows you to pick the start time and plan your itinerary. Your guide will accompany only your party for 8 hours. Also, if you’re at Universal Studios with 7 or more people, the nonexclusive VIP tour is not an option.

With a private tour, you are free to ride the ones you choose as many times as you wish. So, you will be able to spend your time doing only things that you like.

Both private and nonexclusive tour comes with benefits like a lavish continental breakfast spread free of cost. Breakfast is served at the private lounge and valet parking is also free. Additionally, you can bypass the queues for rides and get reserved seats at entertaining shows.

Why consider the Universal Studios VIP Tour?

Visiting famous theme parks of Universal Studios can be a tiring experience and stressful experience. Large crowds, never-ending lines, expensive food, and confusing maps can leave you frustrated.

With the VIP tour, you can skip all of that and rejoice in a carefree manner. Here’s why it is worthy of every penny you spend:

Attraction access

When at a theme park, what could be more exhilarating than front-in-line access to top rides? With priority access, your average wait time for each ride will not be more than 15 minutes. While others will be waiting for hours, you and your dear ones will have a gala time.

Free food

Figuring out what to eat and which restaurant serves the most palatable food can be challenging and time-taking. As a VIP visitor, you will get one complimentary buffet meal. So, you can stay relaxed and fill your tummy with delicious foods.

Dedicated guide

Universal Studios, Orlando covers a huge area, and you’ll waste time trying to reach your favorite rides. A guide knows the routes like the back of their hand and can share interesting facts. They will also look after your belongings when you are enjoying a ride and click memorable family photos.

Family fun

If you’re going to the theme park with your entire family, a VIP tour is a great idea. You won’t have to wait with strangers, and you can get the best seats for shows.

So, if you compare the Universal Studios VIP tour cost with the exclusive facilities and the pampering, you’ll agree that it isn’t a bad deal.

Final Thoughts

So, for theme park junkies, paying extra for the VIP experience will double the fun and excitement. If you read Universal Studios VIP tour review online, you’ll notice that nobody ever regrets this decision.

There could be one drawback, it may permanently ruin the usual park-visiting experience for you. Once you see how it feels to relish complimentary meals and avoid standing in a queue for hours, can you ever go back to being a regular visitor?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long is Universal Studios VIP tour?

If you take the Universal Studios VIP tour, you can explore up to 8 attractions. So, the tour will be 5-7 hours long and this is inclusive of the lunch break.

2. What do you get with VIP Universal Hollywood?

The Universal Studios Hollywood VIP tour includes Express access to attractions and rides, valet parking, a gourmet lunch, and a guide.


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