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Which Disney Character Are You According to Characteristics?

Which Disney Character Are You According to Characteristics?

As someone who has grown up watching Disney and dreaming about the most magical place on earth, resonating with one Disney character becomes the norm. If you have had your fair share of princess choices or want to know the one that suits your persona, here is the perfect checklist. Let us go through the characteristics and find out which Disney character are you!

Which Disney Character Are You?

Nobody knows you the way you do, and nobody knows Disney the way we do! So, we’re here to solve your question to precisely answer which Disney character are you. Is she the courageous Moana or the dreamy Rapunzel? Or are you more like Jasmine, who always follows her heart?

Disney has also given us other adorable characters like Genie, Aladdin’s best friend, Abby from Turning Red, and so much more. But today, let’s find out which princess character would suit you the most:

Snow White

Do you see yourself as an innocent person who readily trusts others? Have you been deceived by people who pretend to be well-wishers but have evil intentions? Then, you are like Snow White and should be proud of your virtues.

Although Snow White’s envious stepmom took advantage of her generosity, she made some great friends. She also found true love, and all her troubles disappeared. So, like Snow White, you will get what is destined to be yours. You can also play which Disney character are you quiz for more clarity.


Are you anxious or excited when forced to leave your comfort zone? Does the thought of chasing your dreams exhilarate you? Do your near ones say you have an inquisitive nature? Are you resourceful enough to transform an adverse situation in your favor?

These are clear indications that you can assume the role of Rapunzel. She is a playful, clever, and spirited girl who can take a stand for herself. Though naïve, she cannot be controlled by others and eventually earns her freedom.


Are you an adventure enthusiast who is confident in facing new challenges? Are you an independent woman who does not rely on a man to solve her problems? Do you also feel a deep connection to the sea?

These are signs that you can be Moana, the Polynesian princess. She is one of the strongest female protagonists and an icon of women’s empowerment. She is kind towards animals, respects elders, works hard and does what’s best for her community.

Be it her love for Mother Nature or her willingness to learn the history of her people – Moana is unique for many reasons.


Need help determining which Disney character you are? Then look at Ariel’s top characteristics, and you might find a perfect match!

Ariel, the beautiful mermaid’s most prominent personality trait is her zestfulness. She is fascinated by the world inhabited by humans. Despite loving her father dearly, she is bold enough to disobey him to pursue her passion.

Ariel also has faith in love and doesn’t think twice before giving her heart to a stranger. While it is ideally men wooing women, she breaks all stereotypes and follows her paramour. Can you be equally romantic, affectionate, and daring? Then, like Ariel, your life will be a whole of new experiences.


You can also choose to be Bella from the movie Beauty and the Beast. She must have mesmerized you with her intelligence and compassion if you have watched the film. She is unimaginably pretty, but beauty isn’t her greatest virtue.

Bella is mature enough to see beyond outward appearances. She is a worshipper of chivalrous character and an obedient daughter. She’s also a bookworm, and could this be another significant reason for you to feel connected to her?

Also, Bella’s union with the Beast is a harmonious blend of personal growth and romance. She is an appealing role model for thousands of young girls like you. So, when selecting your soulmate, make sure you, too, give precedence to inner beauty.


Are you still trying to guess which Disney character you are? Then don’t be disheartened as there are many lovely characters. So, you will undoubtedly come across a character with whom you will have striking resemblances.

For instance, are you born into royalty like Jasmine and have no interest in material possessions? Then, explore her other traits to see if you have more in common!

Jasmine is a strong-willed individual with high self-esteem. She revolts as the constraints of her privileged life annoy her. Unlike traditional princesses, she is assertive and unapologetically herself.

Jasmine is more endearing because she does not let her father decide her fate. She reveres him and won’t allow him to choose a husband for her. And when she finally gives her heart to someone, she does so based on the person’s goodness. If this is how you are, then you sure are a badass Rapunzel.


Raya from Raya and the Last Dragon left everyone spellbound with her display of valor. A skilled warrior, Raya can defeat even the fiercest of foes. Do you have the nerve to defend yourself and protect your family? Then look no further as you have found your ideal Disney princess. However, to be Raya, you should also be a lover of peace.


Who does not fancy possessing supernatural powers like Elsa? She has a rare ability to convert everything into ice, and that’s what makes her awe-inspiring. From being a fearful princess, she assumes the role of a confident queen.

Can you be like Elsa, whose life is about accepting herself and loving her family? Her leadership characteristics make her even more charming. So, to imitate her steps, you must bid farewell to fears and establish yourself as a leader.

Which Disney Character Are You According to Characteristics?

Final thoughts

So, now you know which Disney character you would like to be. Many Disney fans also take Disney quizzes about which characters they are. Such quizzes usually have basic multiple-choice questions that you’ll enjoy answering.

The questions are not about Disney films but are related to real-life situations. So, they check your likes and dislikes and how you will respond to certain conditions. Based on that, they will reveal the result, and you can figure out which Disney character you are.


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