Rapunzel might not be your favorite Disney movie, but we all fell in love with the Flynn Rider. Remember the epic Flynn Rider smolder memes all over the internet? Well, they never stop making our hearts skip a beat. But have you ever wondered how old is Flynn Rider? How is his age related to the story of Rapunzel?

Did you know that the couple had quite an age gap? Let’s dig deeper into Flynn Rider and Rapunzel to know how he enchanted her despite their age difference.

Even if women are not rehabilitators of corrupt or spoiled men, love is a potion that has the elixir to life. The same happened with Eugene Fitzherbert, also known as Flynn Rider.

Featuring as the primary deuteragonist of Tangled, the 2010 Disney film, he had a character change when he fell in love with Rapunzel.

Previously, he was a thief who could amaze people with his wit and charm. But, once he met Rapunzel, the beloved and lost princess of Corona, he underwent a massive change of heart.

So, how did that change occur? How old is Flynn Rider? What are the controversies that arose out their story? These are certainly some basic questions that might be swarming your head right now.

Background of Flynn Rider

Born to Horace and King Edmund, Eugene Fitzherburt grew up in a tumultuous environment.

During his infancy, the kingdom faced a threat of destruction from a mighty opal. King Edmund, being a benevolent ruler, ordered a large evacuation strategy to shield his subjects from the overruling power of the opal.

As you can guess, Eugene was also among those who were evacuated. At the very time when his life started sprouting, he was torn from his origin.

A servant woman escorted him out of the palace and gave him to an orphanage. Thus, Eugene had yet to learn about his lineage or his ancestors.

He always knew that his parents had abandoned him for good as they had gone to conquer the world.

Once their adventure ends, they return to take him away from the orphanage. So, Eugene spent his days thinking about them and hoping they would one day return.

He shared all his grief, sorrow, hope, and happiness with Arnwaldo Schnitz, his lifelong companion.

How Old Is Flynn Rider

Before meeting Rapunzel

During his childhood, one book accompanied his bedtime stories. It was “The Tales of Flynnigan Rider,” a swashbuckler who was an adventurer, and adventure never left his back. So, the more he read about him, Eugene became more embedded in his lifeworld.

The desire to lead a shackle-free life filled with adventure and adrenaline rush began to haunt him more and more. So, one day he decided to break out from the imprisoned life of the orphanage.

Accompanied by Arnwaldo, who changed his name to Lance Strongbow, Eugene grew up to be a gifted horseman and a handsome swashbuckler.

Eventually, he went to Corona, where he became one of the most notorious thieves of all time, and he would even venture into regions beyond Corona, such as Italy.

The life sucked him in so much that he grew disgusted with humans. Eugene started to dream of a life filled with freedom and money, away from others.

Apart from Lance, he also had partnerships with notorious criminals such as the Baron. He also came to a relationship with Baron’s daughter Stalyan while he ventured with Baron. However, his fate was sealed somewhere else where the question of how old is Flynn Rider becomes relevant.

In this relationship, he developed bitterness with Baron. Hence even though Eugene and Stalyan were engaged, the relationship fell out.

Flynn Rider and Rapunzel

Things turned around when Rapunzel met Flynn Rider in a remote tower. Eugene needed to take Rapunzel to the Festival of Lights, whereby he planned to steal a tiara from her. However, during the time he spent with Rapunzel, the latter’s headstrong nature and honest disposition changed the heart of Eugene and thus began the chemistry between Flynn Rider and Rapunzel.

His desire for a solitary life also fell apart, and he became engrossed in love with Rapunzel. He even helped her get back to her parents and reclaim the throne.

Eugene also went back to his birth name. Though he never really knew the mystery about his parents, he left thieving.

Eugene married Rapunzel, and just like all the Disney stories, this one also ended with them living happily ever after together.

Character development

Flynn Rider’s story stayed the same as the makers initially planned. At the beginning, the evacuation of the kingdom and the subsequent fall out of Eugene from his parents were not there. So, they originally conceived him to be a prince who grew wayward. Thus, they had an image of him as a bandit prince.

After that, the character was thought to be a British farmer named Bastian, who was orphaned at a young age. Hence, he had to be a thief to sustain himself. Disney was almost ready with this version, and Zachary Levi was the actor the makers selected for the role.

Finally, his being a prince was designed in the Tangled: The Series adaptation. The birth of Flynn Rider came interestingly. Directors Byron Howard and Nathan Greno called up a meeting where they invited all the female employees. They reportedly asked them about their conception of a good-looking man.

Mind you; no one was interested in how old is Flynn Rider back then. They only wanted to know their opinion of a man who had some appeal to the womenfolk. This meeting was interestingly called the “Hot Man Meeting,” where everyone pursued conceiving a hot man.

Their opinions and video footage of many other Hollywood male celebrities, including Gene Kelly, David Beckham, Brad Pitt, Hugh Jackman, and Johnny Depp, helped create Flynn Rider in the avatar that he is in Tangled.

How Old Is Flynn Rider and Rapunzel

Flynn Rider costume and appearance

Before getting to know how old is Flynn Rider in Tangled, should we not know how he looks? Whether he at all looks that elderly?

If you think that’s a justified place to start to find the answer to how old is Flynn Rider, then read on.

Flynn could look more extraordinarily beautiful, but that is where his charm lies. He has a muscular build along with fair skin. The light brown eyes complement that subtle goatee and his short dark brown hair.

The white shirt with long sleeves peeps from beneath his dark turquoise vest, brown boots and dark cream-colored pants. Matching his color scheme, he also wears a belt containing a miniature satchel.

So, even though he might be a little older than Rapunzel, that’s where the chemistry sparkles. He doesn’t look old. His dark attire matches his personality, making him the best fit for Rapunzel despite Flynn Rider age.

Flynn Rider’s Personality

Before meeting Rapunzel

So, how did the Hot Man Meeting finally turn out to be? Did they find the man of their dreams?

In the initial appearances, Flynn is a shady character who is a notorious thief doing all he does, motivated by a selfish goal of becoming wealthy. However, he also behaves politely at times, making him all the more dangerous because no one would even suspect him to be a thief. He also has a comical touch to his character. His relationship with Maximus, the palace horse, was also peculiar.

Even if Flynn has a very charming disposition, everyone looks down upon him due to his occupation. But, he also has a highly vulnerable side and is shown to be capable of having emotion. The relationship, or friendship with Rapunzel would be the first move towards shedding off the Flynn Rider persona.

After meeting Rapunzel

So, Flynn and his charisma could not fool Rapunzel. She was genuinely interested in listening to his life struggles. Thus, faced with such a headstrong girl, Flynn came out of that make-belief shell.

Eugene opens up before Rapunzel, and his character oozes with love and cares for the latter. For her, he can even give up thievery, his desire for a solitary yet wealthy life. He now wants to settle in with her and create a family where he will have his respect.

One trick always works. Attention and observation. The same worked with Eugene and Rapunzel. Eugene cares for Rapunzel and notices her feelings and her persona, not only her long hair. Rapunzel’s magic never appealed to him as much as she, as a person, did.

He also risked his life to save Rapunzel when the antagonist kidnapped her. Thus, an otherwise greedy character undergoes a complete change where magic no longer appeals to him. So, no matter what the answer to how old Flynn Rider be, he is the most appropriate partner for Rapunzel.

Flynn Rider and Rapunzel

How old is Flynn Rider

Now, let’s confront the final question and the most important one, how old is Flynn Rider?

Flynn doesn’t mention his age on screen nor hint at when he was born. Thus, it was easier for the fans to gauge his age if the directors mentioned anything about it. So, the makers confirmed that Flynn’s age is 26 years.

When Flynn meets Rapunzel, the latter is just a young adult, a girl of 17 years. Her 18th birthday wasn’t afar. So, legally, she is not a minor and can choose a man 10 years older than her as her partner.

However, before her birthday, Flynn tags along with Rapunzel to the Festival of Lights to steal a tiara from her. But, eventually, he couldn’t help falling in love with her.

But love, at times, cannot sustain two individuals. Both of them had to be mature enough to see it long-term. Especially, Flynn being the elder one, needed to take responsibility. He had to let go of his life as a thief, which he gladly did. He wanted a life of respect, not humiliation. Thus, when he helped Rapunzel return to her parents, they absolved him of all his crimes.

The proposal

One thing is noteworthy here. Even if Eugene was older than Rapunzel, he didn’t take advantage of that.

Rapunzel spent her entire life locked in a tower, so she wasn’t ready to tie the knot yet. Hence, Flynn didn’t force her.

He wanted to give her space and time like a loving and caring partner. Thus, in one of the appearances, in Tangled: Before Ever After, their marriage occurs after a considerable amount of time.

In the 2017 TV series known as Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure, we see Flynn Rider and Rapunzel get engaged. This series was released between Tangled and Tangled: Before Ever After. So, this series shows their engagement after Rapunzel became ready to wear the wedding ring.

The place where Flynn proposes is also very romantic and thoughtful. So, he decides to propose to Rapunzel at the place where he fell in love with her. In the middle of the infamous Corona Lake, he thus proposed to Rapunzel.

Final Thoughts

So, the answer to how old is Flynn Rider might not have disappointed you after hearing all the good traits that he possesses. There are other tv appearances, too, where Flynn Rider had featured. But, the one in Tangled remains the best adaptation and depiction.

So, if you want to fall in love with the chemistry between Eugene and Rapunzel, don’t confine yourself to how old is Flynn Rider. Instead, move beyond and immerse in their chemistry.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How old was Flynn Rider and Rapunzel?

Animators in an interview with Showbiz Cheat Sheet revealed that Flynn Rider was 26 years old when he met Rapunzel.

2. Will there be Tangled 2?

Tangled 2 was Tangled Ever After that released in 2012, while the original released in 2010.

3. When did Flynn Rider marry Rapunzel?

Flynn Rider and Rapunzel marry in the second part of movie named Tangled Ever After.

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