Duck From Chicken Little Character and Things You Did Not Know

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The character of the duck from Chicken Little can remind you of that cute little friend who tries to save you by crossing boundaries. Does he familiar with LVL Music Academy? If not, browse through this article to learn about a duck from Chicken Little and other Chicken Little characters.

Produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation, Chicken Little is an American animated film made in 2005. Before talking about a duck from Chicken Little, let’s have a look at the main storyline of Chicken Little.

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Chicken Little’s original name is Ace Cluck. He lived in the small quaint town of Oakey Oaks. One day he ran into his school and rang the bell to warn everybody, making them evacuate the school building. The whole town went panicky.

When the fire department head asked Chicken Little about what happened, the latter’s answer made him look like a fool.

According to him, a piece of sky that looked like a stop sign fell on his head; from there, he surmised the sky was falling.

However, his father figured that this piece of the sky should be nothing but an acorn that fell off the tree.

So, this entire incident made Chicken Little famous as someone who tends to destroy everything accidentally.

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Now, his friend’s group is also like him. Everyone in the town finds them weird, and here you will get introduced to duck from Chicken Little.

Abby Mallard is the Ugly Duckling, a Fish Out of Water who carries a helmet with water for breathing, and a cowardly pig named Master Runt of the Litter.

The duck from Chicken Little also encourages Ace to talk about this with his father. But, he wants to make his father proud, so he even joins the school basketball team. Here, he wins a game and is declared a hero.

After that, many events occur. He and his friends discover that piece of sky is neither sky nor an acorn.

It is a disguised UFO. Aliens from the UFO chase them, and the next morning, an invasion at Oakey Oaks starts. You might want to ask why did they suddenly invade the town?

While returning to the UFO, an orange alien was left behind. So, the invasion was to take him back. However, Chicken Little intervened and returned Orange alien to them.

The invasion was stopped, and the aliens apologized and returned. Chicken Little was again hailed as the hero of the town.

Duck from Chicken Little


The important Chicken Little characters are Chicken Little, Abby Mallard, Fish Out of Water, Runt of the Litter, Buck Cluck (father of Chicken Little), Foxy Loxy ( a fox), Goosey Loosey (a goose), Turkey Lurkey ( a turkey), Kirby, Melvin, Tina, Morkubine Porcupine, the coach, Mr. Woolensworth, Principal Fetchit, Alien Cop, Hollywood Chicken Little, and the Dog Announcer.

Things that you don’t know about Duck from Chicken Little

Now, let’s talk about this friend of Chicken Little that you might be familiar with, Abby Mallard. Here are a few things you might have missed about a duck from Chicken Little.

Supporting cast

Along with Joan Cusack, who finally played the character’s role, there were other actors who auditioned for the role. These names include Helen Hunt, Sara Jessica Parker, Jamie Lee Curtis, Geena Davis, Sigourney Weaver, Laura Dern, and Jodie Foster.

Second voice acting by Joan Cusack

Joan Cusack has also taken part in another film – Toy Story. Cusack plays the role of Jessie the Cowgirl in this franchise. She even won an Annie Award in Female Voice Acting Category.

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She also played the role of Verushka in Hoodwinked Too, Hood vs. Evil, Elf in Arthur Christmas, Mrs. Krum in Klaus, and the mother of Milo in Mars Needs Moms.

The duck was a male

Movies diverge from what they were in the original plot. So, primarily, Duck was imagined to be an ugly man character with Sean Hayes as the actor.

However, the writers rewrote it as a female character. Also, Chicken Little was imagined as a female. However, he underwent a gender flip.

Speech impairment

The name of ugly duckling came from their asymmetrical face and her inability to talk properly. Her speech pattern resembled that of Dewey, Louie, Huey, and Donald Duck. However, none of these characters appealed less due to these characteristic features.

The only female partner in crime

Chicken Little became a laughingstock after the sky is falling scene. However, the duck from Chicken Little stood by him throughout, thus making her the female best friend of Chicken Little. The other female characters were Tina, Goodey Loosey, and Foxy Loxy. None of them were compatible with Chicken Little.

Can remind you of another Disney Character

Gosalyn Mallard from Darkwing Duck has similarities with the duck character from Chicken Little. Both of them have pigtails and wear purplish T-Shirts. Both of them have sarcastic personalities. Moreover, they are courageous, caring, confident, and tomboyish.

Other Duck Characters

Disney is famous for its duck characters and can boast 200 such characters. So, she is another duck character in this vast corpus.


The makers initially planned a sequel for the movie, which would involve a romantic feeling between Chicken Little, Abby, and Raffaela, a new character of a French sheep.

In this film, Abby would have to do a makeover to win Chicken Little’s heart. Many animation reels tried to convince Disney to support the film. However, it never saw the light of day.


Abby is more than her duck counterparts. She even has similarities with Rachel from Friends. Here, Abby helped in the reconciliation of Chicken Little ad his father.

Duck from Chicken Little

A mallard or not a mallard?

Even though the duck from Chicken Little has the na,e Abby Mallard, she is not a mallard. She is a swan with greyish plumage, while mallards have green-colored plumage.

Final Thoughts

Thus, if you are a fan of the duck from Chicken Little, you will love these details about her. So, watch the film if you haven’t yet done that!

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