Things to Do While Waiting in Line at Disney World

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If you’re headed to Disney World for the first time, one thing that might disappoint you is the wait lines. Yes! We pay a lot of money to spend a fulfilling day at Disney Parks, but waiting is the only constant. If you’re not opting for Disney Genie+, you need to have a list of things to do while waiting in line.

Why are wait lines so long in Disney World?

Before you cancel the idea of coming to Disney because of wait lines, here are reasons why they will always be a part of the park.

Accepting it and finding the best ways to utilize time will help you make the best of both worlds.

Only when you’re entirely okay with wait lines can you deal with what experiences you have at the rides and attractions?

Here are some reasons why you’d have wait lines:

Arriving ahead of opening hours

If you’re staying at a Disney resort, you will likely have a perk to enter the park before others.

The facility ensures low wait times at the rides and attractions. You will be able to access a few of the entertainment opportunities before it is open to the public.

If you’re not staying at Disney Resorts, try to wait in line early. Trust me, coming early and getting quick access to the park will help you.

Arriving at least 45 minutes to 1 hour before the park opens will expedite the process of security check and rope drop.

Expect crowds in some attractions more than others.

When you visit Disney, you will have a bucket list to tick. Most times, these will be the top attractions that other visitors will also have on their list. For example, you will see long wait lines in Tower of Terror, Avatar Flight of Passage, and Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance. These are some places where you should try and use Disney Genie+ or visit as early as possible.

Peak times

Crowd is at its peak during the day, so if you use Disney Genie+, this is the time to schedule it for best use. You can also schedule the attractions that don’t have long wait lines during this time. These would include Space Mountain, Toy Story Midway Mania, Dumbo the Flying Elephant, etc.

Fun things to do while waiting in line at Disney

The comprehensive list is an amalgamation of our personal experience and research to brighten your Disney Park visit.

We will also add reviews as shared on Reddit to add more ways to best use time at Disney World.

Let’s go!

Look for Hidden Mickeys

Hidden Mickeys are images of Mickey Mouse with their head and ears camouflaged in a way that you don’t notice.

It is a game people play in Disney World to spot as many Mickey faces as possible. Finding these gives you a sense of achievement, and if you come in a group, you can all compete. The one who finds the most Hidden Mickeys wins!

When you’re in the queue, you can look for Mickeys as your line proceeds to the attraction. You can also ask one of the members to hold your line while the rest go hunting for Hidden Mickeys.

Time to refill your tummy

While you ask your friend to wait in line, you can go and grab a bite from a nearby food stall. Disney Parks are filled with eateries, and wait lines are the perfect time to get refreshments. Just make sure you don’t eat a lot of food and get a rollercoaster ride. It can not only upset your stomach but also make you barf.

Playtime for kids

One of the interactive things to do while waiting in line is playing games on the phone. If you bring children along, they might get restless and cranky during wait times. While extended screen time isn’t the best recommendation, it can kill time.

You can also play travel-friendly games like. From Rock Paper Scissors to making up random Disney quizzes, there are loads to do. Disney now has an app where guests can play games inspired by the attractions. Getting points in such apps can help you buy pins at the park.

A fun thing about this app is to interact with droids through the Play Disney Parks as they spot them at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. This app has been specially created to add one of the things to do while waiting in line by Disney parks, so it is gotta be cool!

Learning about Disney

Disney World is huge and it is impossible to encapsulate it all with one visit. You can always plan what activities you miss out on and how you can club them on your next visit.

While our guides are here to help you, visiting a place physically can bring in a lot of opportunities for you.

As Disney enthusiasts, we never stop learning about how the magical world has evolved over the years. So, this is an excellent time to research about rides, attractions, characters, and all things Disney.

Talk to other visitors

What’s better than striking up conversations with fellow Disney enthusiasts who travel all across the world to visit Disney? Talking to other people waiting in line might open up more ways to navigate Disney. You might learn and share experiences that are worth your time and get suggestions from fellow visitors to explore better.

Character meet and greet

Even when you are waiting in line, you will find Disney characters around. This is the best time to let your kids go and get a snap with their favorite idols while you hold the line. When we find their beloved cartoons live in front of them, they want to document those memories.

character meet greet at Disney

Charge your cell phone

You need your phone to navigate through Disney World, use the My Disney Experience App, make payments, and much more. One of the valuable things to do while waiting in line is to charge your phone to keep your batteries up before hopping on the next ride.

While you won’t be able to play games, you are secured otherwise. There are multiple charging booths across the parks to assist you with the same.

Order a meal

If you don’t want to leave the line, you can pre-order the next snack. There is a Mobile Order feature in the My Disney Experience app, and that will ensure you keep yourself full post-attraction experiences.

There are wait lines at eateries as well. Since wait lines in rides are mandatory when not using Genie+, you can at least skip lines are food joints.

Review Disney pictures

Wait lines are a great time to go through all the pictures you took at your dream vacay. If there is a spot you especially wanted to click, but the pictures weren’t how you expected, you might want to redo them.

You can also streamline the following by clearing up your storage by deleting unwanted pictures and making space for more.

Things to Do While Waiting in Line at Disney World

Plan your next attraction

Waiting in line gives you a heads-up about how much time you will have for your subsequent attraction visits. So, depending on where you are and how long you might take for one ride, you can plan the next.

You might find yourself grabbing a Genie+ reservation, so you don’t need to spend more time waiting for another. You also need to calculate the time you need to reach another attraction once you’re done with the current one.

Take a nap

LOL! While you can’t possibly do this, you can help your tiny toddlers to use your shoulder to sleep. A wait line is a good time for kids to rejuvenate as they might be tired of standing for long.

A cranky baby who is tired and sleepy might make you cut your Disney experience short. So, to not let that happen, let the kids take some time to rest.

The best you can do is find a seat and let them doze off. If not, your shoulders would be enough to let them nap.

Things to do while waiting in line at Disney, according to Reddit

We went through Reddit to note down some of the reviews, and these were quite interesting additions to note.

One user suggested that bringing their AirPods to listen to podcasts is a good way to use time during wait lines. While an observer said what they do is “people watching.”

Some reviewers said that they do play games and suggested names like Bingo and the Play Disney app. While some said they go through YouTube videos to learn about the ride, they’re about to hop on.

One person said that they could finish watching an entire movie like Oppenheimer as the line was that long at Seven Dwarfs Mine Train! While another suggested that activities would differ if they were alone or with someone. They’d read a book or use Kindle for reading if so.

Final thoughts

While there are things to do while waiting in line at Disney, you should have an optimistic approach. A line that takes you hours has every chance to kill your mind. Not finding ways to make use of those hours will disappoint you.

If you really want a smaller crowd, you must choose a regular weekday when there’s nothing fancy around. But those times are hard to find as Disney is always crowded, just all the more during special days.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What to do when you are waiting in line at Disney?

Play games like trivia, quizzes, etc. Research about things you need to know about what you’re exploring. Order a meal so you have something to eat before or after the ride. Charge your phone and keep kids engaged.

2. How do you entertain yourself waiting in line?

Find Hidden Mickeys, play interactive games, and learn about the ride through YouTube or blogs. Helps kids spot their favorite characters to click selfies.

3. How can I make waiting in line more fun?

Interact with people who are also waiting in line. Make a big group to solve Disney puzzles and see who knows the theme parks better. Take suggestions on where to go next and help yourself plan the entire day after your current ride is completed.

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