Disney’s Partnership with Schools to Promote Learning Through its Movies and Characters

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In case you didn’t know, Walt Disney once participated in a school play where he had to play Peter Pan. When asked about the thoughts he had back then, Walt often said that he wanted to create something immortal that would preserve the feeling of childhood peace and tranquility. Now, it’s easy to see the heritage of Walt Disney with all the animated movies and films, yet Disney has done way more. Promoting learning through the movies and characters, the company helps young people see that they are not alone and create a mass following where the positive things matter! 

Disney’s Partnership with Schools to Promote Learning Through its Movies and Characters 

– Wall Decorations. 

Schoolchildren always need motivation, which is why using Disney characters for decoration purposes and art objects plays an essential role. If we can see Cinderella, it stands for the hard work and the value of labor. Likewise, the presence of Lion King or Bambi reminds us about care for each other and environmental issues. This way, Disney plays a passive yet important role in the learning and development of young students. 

– Use of Disney-themed Learning Objects for Special Needs Children. 

If we take a look at autistic or ADHD learners, the use of Disney movies and characters can become helpful. Since most Disney films and animation works represent simple and universal values and issues, most kids can easily relate and feel safe as they are not challenged with unknown issues. They can also use Disney figures to communicate and proceed with academic studies. Of course, the parents of dyslexic kids can approach top essay writers and find reliable help online. Regardless if you want to talk about how your child feels or receive a writing template on a certain subject, don’t be afraid to ask for help! 

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– Creation of Animated Movies. 

Since modern kids like to implement technology in the classroom, Disney has offered various templates to learn more about animation, the creation of puzzles, or working with robotics. This way, schoolchildren and teachers can focus on specific movies and the character traits of certain personalities where moral choices are challenged. As animation is being created, one can learn more about body language and the use of colors and shadows, among other things. Remember to visit the Walt Disney Family Museum first to find inspiration and let the children learn more about the history of Walt Disney’s work, animation, and all the hard work it requires! 

– Writing Assignments on Disney’s Movies and Characters. 

When we are dealing with kids that find it hard to communicate or talk in English, turning to Disney’s movies and partnerships makes it easy to achieve success. Since we all know Disney’s characters well, it’s easy to find easier and universal topics for young language learners that seek help. Turning to Disney figures or something that can be used for the development of motor skills, Disney, as a company, helps to take things to another level and become the voice for young learners worldwide. When you ask a child to write something, offering something that they know well always makes youngsters feel at ease and come up with inspiring and fun solutions! 

Making The Magic Possible!

This article would be incomplete if one would not mention the ways how Disney delivers joy and peace exactly where it’s needed the most. The people behind the company create amazing times and personal moments of magic for the children who face illness and those who take care of them. Starting with the transformative wish experiences to the use of quotes from Disney stories when talking to your patients, medical personnel, and Disney animators help to make a change. This way, Disney helps restore and preserve childhood innocence by always standing for the values that made Walt Disney happy! 

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Joanne Elliot grew up with Disney’s movies and memorabilia as she always sought the best ways to make young learners happy. As an educator and linguist, she has been all over the world to help everyone master new skills. Follow Joanne to find some magic and make the beauty of Disney work for you. 

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