Disney World Tips and Tricks for Visiting in 2021

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Living in Florida gives you the perks to explore Disney World now and then. You get ample time to understand what works best for you. But for people who come down to Orlando for vacay and have a day or two for exploring WDW, it is hard to make the most of it all. Here, we will discuss top Disney World tips and tricks to help you enjoy the world of magic as we do!

Disney World Tips and Tricks

Let us find out how to explore Walt Disney World like a pro:

Get yourself some amazing magic shots

Fun seems to be incomplete without memories and pictures. But with the aid of professional photographers at the Photopass, you can easily get some wonderful fun shots clicked.

All of these Photo passes are scattered around the park helps you acquire different images with different backgrounds. Moreover, you can even download these images by simply paying for the memory maker.

We’ll give you a little insight into the Photopass. You can ask for magic shots. These specially edited images come with Disney characters to sparkle them up more.


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Plan your budget

Although this sounds like a tip for first-timers, it is immensely applicable for every individual that visits here.

Disney World is loaded with tempting merchandise and food. Therefore money may flow out of your hands in no time.

By planning your budget properly, you can avoid overspending and get all the things you want in the first place.

If you’re overly concerned, you can also get yourself Disney gift cards. There are two 500 dollar gift cards dedicated solely for food and merchandise. This can help you halt your expenses.

Curate personalized plans for each day

This is one of the key Disney world tips and tricks that can help you make the most of your vacation.

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Each day you spend here will need you to make a different plan. While planning, ensure to note the reservation availability and park timings.

You may not want to visit Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom on the same day itself. Instead, go for either one of them and park hopping.

Similarly, only opt for table service dinner when you have lesser things to see during the day. On other days you can opt for quick service meals.

Plan for dining from beforehand

When in Disney World, planning for food should be one of the most important things on your list.

Generally, the table service restaurants require prior reservations, and quick service restaurants are smothered with mobile order windows. This can leave you with lesser options.

However, if you ever find yourself in such a fix, you can quickly use Disney Genie and get an idea of the walk-up waitlist. This way you could still get a warm meal without a booking.

Try out the lounges

This is one of the essential Disney world tips for adults. Lounges are the other food options available on your list, as well as quick service meals and table service restaurants. Lounges like Baseline Tap House and Nomad Lounge can make you feel the real joy of vacationing without being a load on your pockets.

Try kid’s meal at a quick-service restaurant

If you’re not incredibly hungry and might want to grab a bite, try out the kids’ meal options available at quick-service restaurants. Although kid’s meals come with age restrictions at table service restaurants, it can easily be treated as a snack or a proper meal for a light eater at a quick-service restaurant.

Rains can creep up on your plans anytime

Being located in Central Florida, rains are the utmost surprise when in Disney World. Irrespective of the season, they come and go quite often. Therefore, important Disney world tips and tricks would always ask you to deal with rains. Always remember to carry an umbrella, rain jacket, or a poncho along.

Chart out your must-do list

An additional load of listing your must-do activities may feel too much, especially when you have to plan each day that you spend here. However, by simply charting your priorities, you can keep in mind what you want to do first.

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It might happen that your dream ride broke down or that there is a large queue in front of your must-do activity. But do not lose hope; instead, plan around your priorities. In that case, even if you get one done, you will feel satisfied.

Plan where you’d like to start your day

Knowing where to start the day is crucial. Generally, people begin by rope dropping. Test Track, Rise of the Resistance, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, and Flight of Passage are a few available options.

If you want to start a little later in the day, you can avoid these options and head onto something else. That way you can skip a huge queue and spend time seeing other things.

Make sure to carry all your necessities

Yet another important Disney world tips and tricks include packing some necessary things for the day. Some of these have a pair of sunglasses, granola bars, makeup, medicine, etc. The last thing you would want is to overburden yourself or not carry an essential item. Therefore, mindfully follow this trick.

You can skip out Magic Kingdom

Although Magic Kingdom is an extraordinary place to see and has some wonderful places to eat, it is usually the most crowded.

Instead, you can take a monorail and visit one of the resorts for food. That will be a rather worthwhile experience and save some time for you to stroll around the park.

Don’t miss out on hydration

An essential yet commonly overlooked Disney world tips 2021 includes hydration. Located in a hot region, including long hours of strolling in the sun can be very hectic unless you’re hydrating yourself enough. However, you need not carry around bottles. Most quick-service restaurants serve water for free; you just need to ask one of the cast members.

Try to avoid eating during peak times

Usually, people have their meals around 7 am, 12 am, and 6 pm, which can be very difficult to find food even if you have prior reservations. Therefore, try to avoid these timings and eat before or after. That way, you can skip the line and not be starved simultaneously.

Explore transportation availability

If you’ve arrived at Disney World without a personal vehicle, you need to plan your transportation as well. There are several types of transportation available at Disney World.  These include Skyliners, buses, monorails, and boats. Therefore, you can quickly chart the route and transport you’ll be availing of while making your plans for each day.

Final thoughts

Despite being the last one of the Disney World tips and tricks, this is the most important one. Disney World is immensely fun but can test your patience with long queues and higher wait times. But, we insist you keep your calm and enjoy every moment you spend here.

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