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Mad Hatter Tea Party Scene Ride and Attraction

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The Mad Hatter Tea Party scene is an original Disneyland attraction. The 1951 Alice in Wonderland movie inspired this tea party scene.

It locates next to Alice in Wonderland, at the edge of Fantasyland at the edge of Matterhorn.

AgeAny age
HeightAny height
Ride typeSpinning

Arrangement of the Mad Hatter Tea Party scene

Three platters revolve and have 18 different cups on them. All three platters revolve at their speeds.

Additionally, the cups also have individual fixed numbers and speed of revolutions. The two heart cups are the slowest moving cups. Then comes the purple cup, followed by the orangy cup, which moves the fastest.

Guests may feel dizzy on the ride. Therefore, one must note that one can control how fast the teacups move. A silver wheel inside each cup allows the guest to control how slow or fast they move.

As the ride can get one dizzy, it is advised not to board it just after eating. One might likely throw up on the ride if one does not have a strong stomach.

Alice in Wonderland Tea Party facts

This original attraction was first launched in 1955. A golden teacup was included in the ride for its 50th Anniversary celebration. Additionally, the guests can find a golden teacup at the entrance to the Mad Hatter Shop.

Mad Hatter sells various interesting items, such as the Mad Hatters Tea Party hat and the Mad Hatters Tea Party costume.

Moreover, it also sells Peter Pan hats and Mickey Mouse ears with personalized embroidery. Furthermore, they sell Disney character t-shirts, gift items, and other souvenirs.

After visiting this attraction, you can visit the Red Rose Tavern if you feel hungry. It is one of the closest dining places to this attraction. Carts and kiosks offer popcorn, snacks, turkey legs, beverages, and pretzels.

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Ride restrictions of Mad Hatter Tea Party Scene

The entrance door to the teacup is small in size. This might be an issue for guests who are larger during entering. Additionally, the seating size may be restrictive for them.

There is space for sitting from side to side. However, there is very little space from front to back. The steering wheel placed at the center of the cup for controlling the spinning speed takes up some space.

Three average-sized people might tightly fit into an individual teacup. There are no restraints on the ride.

However, the ride has a door that the guests can use to close their teacup. Additionally, the guests need to be on the lookout for the Dormouse, which makes it a habit of popping out from the center of the teacup from time to time.

Kids and Characters

Kids usually love the mad hatter tea party decorations at the Mad Hatter Tea Party scene. They enjoy this ride as they enjoy the feeling of getting dizzy. However, if a child has motion sickness troubles, it is ideal for the child to avoid this particular ride.

People dressed as Disney characters greet guests throughout the day on this attraction site. Alice is seen most of the time. At times, she is seen with Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum or Mad Hatter.

Special characters make an appearance during Mickey’s Halloween party. One can time themselves to meet these characters with the help of the daily Times Guide.

Image Source: YouTube

Final thoughts

The Mad Hatter Tea Party scene ride is one to one minute long. There are no height requirements for the ride. People using wheelchairs need to transfer out of it to enjoy the ride.

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