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5 Best Medieval Movies On Netflix

Medieval movies have always been a popular genre, offering a glimpse into an era of history that continues to captivate audiences today. With the...

The Little Mermaidโ€™s Director Teases Possible Sequel

Disneyโ€™s live-action adaptation of The Little Mermaid has become one of the most talked about and awaited movies of 2023. Starring singer-songwriter and actress...

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Hocus Pocus Magicband Is Now Live in Disney World

Hocus Pocus MagicBand has a cool new design! It is now halfway to December, so the season of spooks is near!Halloween always gets people...

Is Hotel Transylvania on Disney Plus?

Being a Disney animation fan will inevitably lead to the question, is Hotel Transylvania on Disney Plus? Halloween is approaching so are the days...

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