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Disneyland in California is a top-rated destination that witnesses a footfall of over 44,000 every day. If you are yet to visit the theme park, it is time to get an annual pass Disneyland to enter the beautiful location. Unfortunately, it was under closure due to the global coronavirus pandemic, but now the Disney world reopening is taking place in parts.

The theme park in California is called the happiest place on the planet, also the USP. Well, there are undoubtedly several points to justify this term. Moreover, purchasing an annual pass Disneyland means you will enjoy all the exciting things here. Apart from the fact that there are your favorite Disney characters like Pooh and Mickey, there is much more. It includes fun shows, delicious food, innovative rides, and more.

On the other hand, the employees, who are also called cast members, do a lot to satisfy guests. Every employee of Disneyland is bound to answer even the silliest questions of a guest. Altogether, purchasing an annual pass Disneyland means that you are in for an enjoyable experience indeed. There are several things that you may ask the cast members for no cost at all.

There are several attractions in California Park that are not very popular. This is when you require the help of the cast members. Besides, to make your experience smoother, we are listing out some of the exciting activities you can shortlist right after purchasing your annual pass Disneyland.

What are the activities to enjoy when you have an annual pass Disneyland?

Here is an excellent list of activities to enjoy when you are in Disneyland, California. However, now that the Disney world reopening is taking place in parts, you must enquire whether a universal annual pass is available as yet. If you visit the official Disney website to know when Disney sells annual passes again, you are bound to receive the most authentic information.

Popped balloon replacement free of cost

The signature balloons from Disneyland are nothing short of iconic. These are transparent balloons with a smaller Mickey Mouse balloon inside them. Besides, these are favorites of guests of all age groups. Whoever enters the park wants to buy one of these even though the balloons are quite expensive.

Each Disney balloon costs $9, but it is worth the hype because they are pretty and work well as photo props. Now, it isn’t enjoyable if your balloon pops even before you can enjoy it. Fortunately, Disney never fails to surprise guests, so the park is called a happy destination. In this case, you do not have to buy another balloon but request for a replacement, and you will get one for free.

Secret food menus

You will be surprised to know that Starbucks is not the one that offers a secret menu only. The Disneyland Secret menu is what you must check as soon as you plan to eat there. Usually, the park restaurants have excellent food to offer. There are even better names for you on the Undercover Tourist, the secret menu.

The specialty of the items on the personal menu is that the Disney chefs combine the traditional menu ingredients to develop more innovative stuff. Out of all the things, one of the most favorites is the yummy Mac’ n’ Cheese bowl. You can order this dish only at California Disneyland’s Pacific Wharf Café.

Other highlights to enjoy with an annual pass Disneyland include a Main Street soda with rainbow sherbet and orange soda. Besides, they also have a Tomorrowland Special Galactic Burger that will make your experience more delicious.

Request a Disney character to join you

Enjoying the Disneyland rides is too much fun because more things can make this experience even better. For example, you can request some of your favorite Disney characters to join you on some of the rides. Well, of course, you did not know that it was possible, but you will be happy to see that it is.

The best option is to ask the present characters near the teacups or the MTP (Mad Tea Party). Moreover, there are other options too such as Dumbo, the elephant, Arthur’s Carousel, and more. There are so many incidents when guests are taking a ride with Alice or Dumbo. Otherwise, you can take suggestions from the cast members, who can then choose a companion for you.

Honorary Disneyland citizen

Disneyland button collection is entertaining, and for the ones who visit the park very frequently, you are more likely to know about all of it. However, one of the catches is very rare and is more attractive than an annual pass Disneyland. It is the Disneyland Honorary Citizen benefit (Flights and Sights).

The cast members will especially present this button to someone who justifies the real spirit of the destination. It includes some acts of bravery, kindness, enthusiasm, and more. Of course, such a prize can make anyone feel very special.

On the other hand, if you know someone who may deserve such a button, you can always make a special request to the park office. The best option for making such a request is to go to the City Hall and do it.

Cinderella’s stepsisters will offer you more entertainment.

Once you get an annual pass Disneyland, it is time to check out all the unique activities you can enjoy. Out of everything, interacting with special characters is the most engaging activity. The most favorite kids’ activity is to chat with their favorite characters, click a picture, or get an autograph.

Some Disney characters are downright funny, and the others are supremely talented. When you will visit Disneyland the next time, make sure to interact with the special characters. They are Cinderella’s stepsisters, and you can ask them to sing for you too. It is one of the best ways to create some lovely memories.

Ride the Mark Twain Boat

The Mark Twain Riverboat is perhaps the coolest ride at Disneyland. The boat advances around the Rivers of America shortly, giving a picturesque treat to visitors. Did you realize that you can guide the boat for a couple of moments? There’s no age limitation for this. However, it would be best to ask a cast part for authorization (

If others have just asked, you’ll be needed to hang tight for the following cruising. When you’re on board the boat, you’ll be directed to the wheelhouse. There will be up to three of your companions or relatives. After the experience, you’ll get a riverboat’s permit bearing your name.

Lilly Belle experience

The Lilly Belle train vehicle is an absolute necessity mystery! It was named after Walt Disney’s better half and planned by her. Its inside is flawless, with extravagant red Victorian style. To ride the unique train vehicle, you should show up at the recreation center as expected for Rope Drop and be one of the main individuals in line at the train station.

When you’re there, inquire whether the Lily Belle is accessible to ride (Disney Dose). If it is, you’ll get a booking to go locally available. During your train ride, a cast part will impart fun realities about the train to you, and you can take as numerous photographs as you’d like.

Requesting a painting from a Disney character

When you meet Rapunzel and get some information about Flynn, she now and again reacts that she’s showing him how to draw. Thus, when you meet Flynn, converse with him about drawing and perceive how he responds. Once in a while, he’ll draw something for you without being inquired. However, on the off chance that he doesn’t, you can generally request that he do as such (Disney Dose).

Make sure to bring a signature book or scratch pad, however. This drawing makes an adorable little trinket that you can get back. When all is said in done, the characters will likewise compose customized messages for you on the off chance you ask them! Besides, if a vacation or birthday is coming up in your family, bring a little banner of the character. You may also get a welcome card for them to sign.

Getting desserts for free

If you let a server know it’s your anniversary or birthday, there’s a very decent possibility that you’ll get a pastry for free at any semi-formal café in Disneyland. Moreover, this is usually a cut of cake, sundae, or cupcake. Nonetheless, if you’re an individual from the elite Club 33, you may get cute Minnie and Mickey chocolate-layered mousse pastries.

If you might want something tweaked, you should ask sympathetically. Contingent upon the pastry, the culinary expert, may compose a message with liquid chocolate or carry a flame for you towards victory. In case you’re too bashful even to consider requesting a treat, make the birthday button noticeable and be drawing in with your worker.

Explore the pet graveyard

You’re likely mindful about the pet graveyard before the Haunted Mansion. In any case, on the western side of this structure, there’s a mystery pet burial ground that is just available by the individuals who ask a cast part for a visit. As per Mouse Planet, the pet burial ground is the first one, underlying the 1980s. Moreover, there are four headstones in this burial ground: Stripey (a skunk), Miss Kitty (a feline), Bully (a frog), and Big Jake (a canine).

Every headstone has an adorable, rhyming engraving. There’s additionally a plain platform in the burial ground with a grower on top. Plus, the Cast individuals frequently report about finding the grower brought down during the evening. Creepy!

Jungle Cruise for your birthday

There can be no better way of celebrating one’s birthday more than spending a day at the most joyful put on Earth? At the point when you are telling a worker at the passageway that it’s your birthday, you’ll get a birthday badge. This catch permits you to stand out enough to be noticed during exhibitions and when interacting with characters.

For instance, when entertainers need an assistant, they’ll probably pick somebody wearing a birthday badge (Mickey Visit). Besides, the most surprising aspect about this entire experience is that you don’t have to show confirmation of your birthday. That implies you can praise it for a whole week! Even better, you can celebrate after a month (or at whatever point you visit Disneyland).

Enjoy the natural beauty.

The Jungle Cruise is a good family ride. Situated in Adventureland, the journey takes you on a 10-minute guided visit through a portion of the world’s most far off waterways. During the experience, you’ll have the option to spot reproductions of hippos, elephants, lions, and tigers. There are even some amusing jokes advised by the local escorts to keep you engaged en route.

When you leave, you can go to the visit work area and request a guide of the voyage (Mouse Planet Mouse Pad). Very few individuals think about these guides, yet they’re free and make great trinkets for youthful and more seasoned visitors!

Enjoy a twofold burger.

Likewise, with most vacation spots, the food costs at Disney park can be very high. Luckily, the food is first class. By the by, we have a splendid trick that will help you save money on your next dinner. If you request twofold burgers at any seller, essentially request an additional burger bun.

This way, you can break down the twofold burger and make two single special burgers—enough to take care of two! Doing this is a lot less expensive than buying two single burgers, regardless of whether you are needed to pay only a couple of pennies extra for a bun called Disney Dose. Next time you look at the menu, affirm it, and then go for it! A few workers may offer you the other bun.

Final thoughts

Now that you have a list of some of the most memorable activities to enjoy at California Disneyland, don’t waste any more time. Just go and get an annual pass Disneyland and start packing your bags now!

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